Dr. José Francisco Morales Domínguez

J. Francisco Morales, Ph.D. (Madrid Complutense University), Professor of Psychology at the School of Psychology, UNED (Spanish National University for Distance Teaching). Previous Teaching Positions at the School of Political Science and Sociology of Madrid Complutense Unversity (1974-1978) and at the School of Philosophy of Granada University (1983-1987), Visiting Scholar at the School of Psychology of UCLA (1976-1977), the School of Behavioural Sciences of Macquarie University at North Ryde, Sydney (1987), the School of Psychology of Miami University at Oxford, Ohio (1990), the School of Education of Tel-Aviv University (1995-1996), the School of Psychology of British Columbia University (2007), and the School of Psychology of Queensland University at Brisbane (2014). Research interests in Social Identity, Leadership and Social Exclusion. Coeditor of "Social Identity: International Perspectives".

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